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Week ending on Tuesday, January 8 2013.


Tuesday, January 8

Premium Article NHL Preview: NHL Team Projections for 2013

by Timo Seppa and ESPN Insider

Penguins, Bruins and Blackhawks forecast to be the league's top teams.

From Daigle To Datsyuk: World Junior Championship, Wrap Up

by Corey Pronman

Corey wraps up his coverage of the 2013 World Junior Championship with the biggest takeaways from the tournament.

Monday, January 7

Zamboni Tracks: Free Money, Part Two

by Ryan Wagman

Ideas for the best buyout candidates in the Eastern Conference.

Sunday, January 6

From Daigle To Datsyuk: Top 50 NHL Draft Prospects, Midseason

by Corey Pronman

We gave you a preseason Top 30, and now it's time to update that with a midseason Top 50.

Zamboni Tracks: Free Money, Part One

by Ryan Wagman

While many details of the soon-to-be ratified CBA will soon be forgotten by pundits and fans alike, allowing two contract buyouts per team prior to the 2013-14 season will fuel a lot of hot stove hockey talk leading up to next summer.

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